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Payment and Delivery

Free shipping for all orders over 6000 rubles with courier shipping in Moscow (inside MKAD) and shipping via CDEK with self pick-up and via Russian Post inside Russia.

For Moscow residents

Free shipping for all orders over 6000 rubles with courier shipping in Moscow (inside MKAD) and shipping via CDEK with self pick-up and via Russian Post inside Russia.
  • You can come to our show room in Maly Zlatoustinsky Alley, and find something in all our variety of caps, hats, and accessories. You can try everything you like in front of a mirror, talk to us, and drink some coffee.Our address, map, and opening hours are to be found in the Show Room section.
  • If you take a selected article from our show room in Maly Zlatoustinsky Alley. It is free of charge. You order something through our web site, and we put the headgear selected by you in reserve for 2 days. You come to us, try them on, and make your decision. You can also check out what else we have in store. If you do not come within two days after ordering online, your reserve is cancelled.
  • Courier delivery in Moscow (within the Moscow Ring Road) is FREE (for all orders over 6000 rubles). The delivery is usually made on the next day after the purchase. If your order was made in the first half of the day, the same day delivery is possible. Our courier will contact you by phone and then, in an appointed hour will arrive to your home or work. If the ordered headgear (or other good) does not fit you for some reason, and you decide not to buy it after all, you should pay for the delivery (500 rubles) anyway.
  • The orders worth 15000 rubles and more are delivered in Moscow free of charge (within the Moscow Ring Road). On the condition of the online payment after making an order.

For other Russian regions, CIS countries, and the rest of the world

In order to learn the delivery cost by all available means, please use our delivery calculator.

We deliver ordered items by Russian Post after receiving the complete upfront payment, including the worth of the order plus the delivery charge.

  • The First Class delivery by Russian Post:

one or two caps is 400 rubles
one or two hats is 500 rubles

The usual time of delivery is from 5 to 12 days.

  • International mail delivery:

The delivery to Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus, Armenia, the Kyrgyz Republic - is 2000 rubles.

To the other countries:
up to 500 g – 2500 rubles
between 501 g and 1000 g – 3000 rubles
between 1001 g and 2000 g – 5000 rubles
over 2001 g – 7000 rubles

The type of posting: a small parcel with tracking number.

The usual time of delivery is 12 to 30 days.

  • The express courier delivery within Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Republic of Belarus by the SDEK service:

The charge depends on the order composition and the region of delivery.

There are two delivery options, one door-to-door (a little more expensive), and to the SDEK pick-up point (a little cheaper). You may check the exact charge with our delivery calculator.

For instance, the delivery of 1-2 caps to St. Petersburg will cost you 372 rubles (door-to-door) or 204 rubles (pick-up point), to Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar and Tyumen 420 rubles (door-to-door) or 252 rubles (pick-up point), to Khabarovsk and Vladivostok 510 rubles (door-to-door) or 420 rubles (pick-up point), and to Krasnoyarsk 1008 rubles (door-to-door) or 840 rubles (pick up point).

If the order is delivered by a SDEK courier or made to a pick-up point on Russian territory, the payment is possible upon receiving and trying it on for the goods that cost less than 25000p. The goods that cost more than 25000p can also be delivered by SDEK, but only after full prepayment.

The usual time of delivery is 2-7 working days, depending on the distance to the destination.

We may refuse delivery of your order with payment on delivery after fitting, if previous orders have not been paid for.


You can pay for your order

  • Cash upon receipt

In the show room, to the courier in Moscow, in a pick-up point, or to a SDEK courier.


  • Online by a bank card. Yon can use Russian-issued bank cards for payment via PayAnyWay payment system or non-Russian bank cards for payment via Robokassa payment system.
If you check the option "Pay online", you are automatically transferred to PayAnyWay or Robokassa secure server right after confirming your order.
You can go to the payment form later, through the link in the order information letter.
The purchase should be paid within three calendar days after making an order.

Return and Exchange

Within: 14 days (for Moscow residents)
30 days (for residents of other Russian regions)
90 days (for CIS residents)
you may return or exchange the purchased headwear or accessories purchased from us. We are ready to accept articles for return or exchange only if they have their labels attached and do not show signs of wear and tear. The mailing to and from outside of Moscow is paid by the customer.

You can also return an order received with free shipping, in which case we will deduct the actual shipping cost from the refund amount at the rates of the transport company.


Why do we mail your orders by Russian Post?

Because, objectively speaking, it is the best delivery method convenience-, price-, and quality-wise in Russia now. The total negligence and impropriety of the Russian Post personnel is one of the widespread legends. In all our time of operation, since 2013, not a single Tweed Hat order parcel has been lost. Every posting is given its unique number by which your order may be tracked through the Russian Post website or with their special mobile app which is, by the way, very convenient in use. If there are queues in your local Russian Post office, try to visit them at the end of the day, 45–50 minutes before they close. Usually it does the trick.

Anyway, if your order parcel is somehow lost (although, like we said, it never happened in our experience) we could offer you two options:

  1. You select an identical available article, and we mail it to you with no extra charge.
  2. We refund you completely, including the delivery charge.



Are the website items really available? ?

Yes, exactly. All articles presented on our website are available in our show room. We take special pains to monitor the correspondence.

If by any chance there is an error in our spreadsheets, and the article you have ordered is not available, but you have already paid for it, you do not have to worry. We shall contact you promptly and either suggest a replacement or refund you completely the same day. All possible delays (up to 3 days) may depend on the bank.


But can we trust you?

Yes, you can. Pour customers’ trust is probably the most valuable thing we have.

Look at our website. We have made it with love, taking as long time to build it. Look at our merchandize. All of them are rare, top-notch, and carefully selected articles.

You might be surprised that we mail your orders by Russian Post only after the prepayment in full, but do not do it cash on delivery. We do not do COD because it is not the most convenient way both for our customers, for the COD delivery will be considerably more expensive, and for us, for this means one extra visit to a post office and filling in extra forms.

In order to dispel your doubts if you still have them, please look at our customers’ feedback on the Tweed Hat locations on Google Maps, Yandex Maps, VKontakte.

Unfortunately, only a small portion of our customers post their feedback but this makes each reaction even more valuable for us. Sometimes, we re-read them ourselves, to boost our morale.


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