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Brown Tweed 8-piece Cap with Band by Hanna Hats /Donegal Tweed by Magee 1866/

Code: 10004

The brown eight-piece cap with the band, made by Hanna Hats of wonderfully beautiful and dense tweed woven by the Magee of Donegal manufacturers.


This cap can be worn differently, both shifting the top part of the cap, its crown, to the back or to one side, and "sitting" it on the band, thus hiding its volume and making it look like a classic tweed eight-piece cap.


The eight-piece caps like that emerged in the late 19th century, and they survived to the present time with minimal changes, without losing their popularity.


It fits both men and women.


100% wool, lining - viscose.


Made in Donegal county, Ireland.


Eight-piece caps, Donegal Tweed, Hanna Hats brand, For women, For men, Peaky Blinders, Made in Ireland, Wool, Brown color.

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