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Brown Messenger Bag/Backpack by Kuznetsov&Yakunina /Vegetable Tanned Leather/

Code: 14016

The shape and design of this knapsack bag refers to classic bags for carrying newspapers and letters. It is made of the vegetable tanned leather (employing machine- and hand-made harness stitches), dyed and polished by hand.


The postman’s knapsack bag differs from the postman’s bag by an additional option. It can easily be transformed into a neat and handy satchel knapsack. For this, the shoulder strap has two reliable brass latch hooks, and the knapsack bag itself features three rings, including one central one near the handle, and two half-rings in the corners near the bottom. It is enough to unlatch clasp hooks from upper half-rings, to adjust the strap length, threat it through the central ring, and attach it to the lower half-rings. Now the postman’s knapsack bag can be carried on both shoulders at once.


The high-quality fittings are used, including Italian (a brass ring and holster buttons), and American made items (cast brass half-rings, brass latch hooks, copper rivets). The bag has an integrated inner volume not divided into compartments, and a small inside pocket for one’s passport and a phone.


It is closed by means of two half-belts and holster buttons. It is a very reliable fastener, used in military outfits since the 19th century. Bag’s capacity can be adjusted by means of side straps.


The length of the shoulder strap is adjusted by two holster buttons. The postman’s bag accommodates a notebook computer (up to 13.3”), books, a compact photo camera, papers, and documents.


Items manufactured from the vegetable tanned leather age very beautifully. In usage, a bag will become polished, and, treated with sunlight and heat, its color will gradually and nobly change (becoming warmer and darker).


The quality of the merchandize manufactured by Kuznetsov & Yakunina brand is such that the items will serve you for decades if treated properly.


The shop provides a life-long warranty for their own knapsacks and bags. It means that if a defect appears while the bag is used normally, you may bring it back to us, and the repairs will be free of charge.


Every knapsack is dyed by hand, and the tone and saturation of brown may insignificantly vary from item to item.


Made to order in 2-3 weeks’ time.


Vegetable tanned leather, deep penetration dye, cast brass half-rings, cast brass ring, brass holster buttons, brass latch hook, copper rivets, waxed linen thread, polyester thread.


Made in Moscow. Size: 35 x 29 x 6 cm. Brass and copper fittings were aged in a special way.


Bags, For women, For men, Leather purse, Kuznetsov and Yakunina brand, Messenger bags, Vegetable tanned leather, Bagpacks, Made in Russia, Brown color.

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22500 p 243.42693189023 t 285.58844547228 v
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