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Green Waxed Cotton Vintage cap by Hanna Hats /Waxed Cotton/

Code: 10131

A classic flat cap of middle volume, and with a visor of standard length. Caps like that were worn 100 years ago, and the people still wear them.


The cap is made of waxed linen, the traditional British water-resistant material made by the British Millerain Co. The fabric is very dense and durable, with the normal use it will serve for years.


The lining of Scottish plaid.


It fits both men and women.


100% cotton, lining - plaid (100% wool).
A button on a visor.


Made in Donegal county, Ireland.


Flat caps, Harris Tweed, Hanna Hats brand, Wax cotton, For women, For men, Vintage-style caps, Made in Ireland, Wool, Green color.

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