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Grey Tweed 8-piece Zamoskvorechje Cap by Old Pal /Donegal Tweed/

Code: 17021

Creating the Transmoscow eight-piece cap, the Old Pal team tried to imagine what an ideal cap should look like.


The cap should be made of the best fabrics, and it must have an average volume and a neat fit. And of course to be an eight-piece cap. From the early 20th century, when this cut was invented by the working class in order to cut down on the material, those caps have been tested and become loved. They became folk heroes and literature characters, and the demand for them only grows with time.


So, the Transmoscow model. The eight-piece cap of moderate volume, made with gray donegal tweed (100% wool, woven in Ireland), and the lining is made of dense gray twill weave (75% linen, 25% cotton). Internal sweatband made of 100% cotton.


All data is transferred to the lining by means of an ancient method of hand cloth printing, employing the special resistant German-made stamp ink for fabrics that does not fade even if boiled. A special stamp is placed in the cap that you can use to write your name and phone number in. If lost, it will increase a chance of its return.


When ordering, you might ask us to insert this information by means of a special textile marker, or just do it in our show room. A cap with inscription on it we will not be able to accept again, so please treat this request seriously.


The Old Pal caps are manufactured in Moscow by a small factory specializing in high-quality and small-batch clothing and accessories.


Outer fabric: 100% wool, the tweed was made in Ireland of the local fleece
Lining: 75% linen, 25% cotton.
Sweatband: 100% cotton.


Made in Moscow.


Eight-piece caps, Donegal Tweed, Old Pal brand, For women, For men, Peaky Blinders, Made in Russia, Grey color, Wool.

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