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Light Herringbone Linen Scarf by McNutt of Donegal /Irish Linen/

Code: 34029

Light herringbone scarf woven from soft and comfortable Irish linen, which is well-known as one of the best in the world.


Made in the North-West of Ireland, in Donegal County, at the small family-owned factory McNutt of Donegal, operating since 1960s. 


Lenght of the scarf is more than 2 metres, it allows wearing it around one’s neck practically in any way. 


Ideal for people with sensitive skin.


Linen is not only beautiful and long-lasting material, but it is really eco-friendly. Production of linen brigns very small harm to the enviroment: flax needs only 3% of water that is necessary for cotton. Flax is growing in the European fields without irrigation (rainwater is enough for it).


100% Irish linen


Size: 240 x 29 cm. Woven in Donegal County, Ireland


Accessories, Irish linen, McNutt of Donegal brand, Herringbone, Made in Ireland, Light colors.

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