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Lindsay Tartan Handwoven Scarf by Old Pal /Handwoven Tartan/

Code: 17009

Plaid is the dense but very fine woolen fabric of Scottish origin with twill weave and the intricate checkered fabric pattern that is famous all over the world.


Specially for the Old Pal brand, one of the best Russian shops dealing with hand-weaving manufactured tweed scarves by means of traditional looms with correct weave and checkered pattern that exactly repeats the Scottish Lindsay plaid.


Scarves are of such a length (190 cm) and width (40 cm) that are ideal for wearing in any possible way, they drape superbly and do not scratch at all, although they are woven of 100% woolen yarn.


As opposed to most scarves, manufactured from broad wool fabrics by cutting them into ribbons of desired width the hand-woven scarves are produced with the desired width, and they have a beautiful woven fringe with barely noticeable uneven spots. It makes them more durable and aesthetic-looking.


The scarf is meant both for men and women.


100% wool.


Woven by hand in Russia.Length: 190 cm. Width: 40 cm.


Accessories, Old Pal brand, For women, For men, Green color, Red color, Made in Russia, Tartran, Scarves, Wool.

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6500 p 71.852660040746 t 85.684267972934 v
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