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Natural Straw Flat Crown Boater Hat by Tonak

Code: 33026

Classic straw boater hat of golden color, made of natural rye straw. The straw strips are hand-woven, specially sewn and then molded.


The length of the brim: 5.5 cm.

Crown height: 8.5 cm.


Suitable for warm seasons, it provides excellent protection from the summer sun and allows the head to breathe. Straw hats go well with light jackets, trousers and shirts, as well as informal summer clothes such as T-shirts and shorts.


When heated (from the sun or from the head), a slight honey-straw smell will emanate from the hat.


The hat has a semi-rigid construction (it should not be wrinkled, but the material is flexible and springy enough). A fabric tape made of quick-drying material is sewn inside.


Suitable for both men and women.


100% rye straw


Made by hand in Czech Republic


Hats, Tonak brand, For women, For men, Light colors, Straw hats, Spring/Summer.

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