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Oak Round Shape Plate by SOHA Concept

Code: 16011

The round plate from SOHA Concept is cut from oak by means of a motor saw, and boiled in vegetable oil for as long as three days and nights. Thanks to it, the dish has its unique dark coloration. During this long boiling, the wood texture becomes saturated with oil, and is now water-resistant. You can wash a board like this, and it will not crack.


In treating those plates, no dyes or mordants were employed, and their color was obtained only through a long boiling in vegetable oil with the specific temperature. The hue of each board is a little different as it depends on many factors.


The plate will age beautifully with time.


SOHA designs are inspired by the traditional architecture and utensils of the Russian North. The items produced are bordering object design and contemporary art, without losing their connection with nature and traditional crafts.


Important note. SOHA dishes are meant for cutting and serving; they do not accommodate chopping. If used like this, there is a considerable risk of splitting the wood along the grain. For cutting, there are special cross-cut board.


25 cm


Oak wood, vegetable oil.


The dish was made at Denis Milovanov's shop in Moscow.


Houseware, SOHA Concept brand, Brown color, Made in Russia, Black color.

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4800 p 85.73 t 89.96 v
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