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Yello Leather Purse by Finecrafts /Vegetable Tanned Leather/

Code: 15003

A leather wallet for a contemporary urban dweller, made according to ancient technologies, in the wabisabi aesthetic.


Stylistically and technologically, it reminds of Middle Ages European purses of the 10th –15th centuries. By its construction and functions, it fully corresponds the early 21st century demands.


There is a compartment for bills separated in two sections, three pockets for plastic cards, as well as a coin bag.


The wallet is sewn together with artificial tendons, and made of undyed goatskin of vegetable tanning, dyed yellow. The lather is soft and ductile, with time it will become polished and acquire some additional luster that will make it even more textured.


It firmly closes by means of a sturdy leather button, the same as used in olden wallets and shoes, and a half-belt.


It is packed into a cloth sack dyed with plants, and each sack is unique, its coloring is not repeated.


The hue of the leather coloring may insignificantly differ from the one represented on the photo.


Vegetable tanned goat skin, artificial tendons.


Made in Moscow.Hand-made entirely.


Accessories, Finecrafts brand, For women, For men, Yellow color, Vegetable tanned leather, Leather purse, Made in Russia.


7000 p 99.35 t 107.82 v
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