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Pop-Up Market "Warm Meeting". August 2019

Tweed Hat, Faktura tepla, Four-in-Hand and Irish Wool organized the Warm Meeting pop-up market and invited friends.




1. TWERD MFG - utilitarian men's clothing from Japanese selvedge denim, invented and honestly made by the hands of one person.


2. Red Hills - reliable leather wallets and accessories that blend perfectly with workwear style.


3. Tint - scarves and scarves painted with plants and roots are created by the artist Anna Altabaeva not without magic and with the support of her teacher - Nature.


4. Delo Kontura workshop makes stained glass windows and fixtures inspired by the aesthetics of Soviet constructivism, gracefully fitting it into a modern context.


5. Fragile things - naturally beautiful and functional ceramic dishes, created in an aesthetic that is close to the Japanese style wabi sabi.


6. Woolore - delicate women's sweaters made of mohair and alpaca, knitted from the heart and for the soul.


7. The Bell Rock Leather Workshop is a family workshop which makes belts, wallets and accessories in american heritage and workwear styles from quality vegetable-tanned leather and cast brass fasteners.


8. 1oz brand - men's jewelry and accessories.


9. The conceptual corner of Russian designers: Infundibulum, Drasvi Venn, SOHA.
Curator Elena Panteleeva talked about what these three brands have in common and how they relate to ethnographic research and museum collections of the Russian North.


10. Lyoclothes - simple and elegant women's dresses from natural fabrics (St. Petersburg).


11. 5 o'COAT - modern women's jackets and coats inspired by British classics.

Photographer: Denis Klimushkin.



 A man in the eight-piece cap Stetson drinks tea at the Faktura Tepla showroom.



Passport Cover Bell Rock Leather



Anna Altabaeva (Tint) in the Tweed Hat showroom



Ksenia Khatsko (lom-history) in the Tweed Hat showroom



Man in coat Infundibulum



Vinogradskaya Sonya (Fabermuler) in the Tweed Hat showroom



Showroom  four-in-hand



Leather goods by Red Hills workshop



Egor Rasskazov (TWERD MFG) и Ilya Zotov (Red Hills)



Lady picks a hat



Pottery workshop Fragile things





Anna Altabaeva shows hand-painted scarves



Family fitting at Tweed Hat showroom



Fitting cap



Leather products Bell Rock Leather Workshop





Dasha (Faktura Tepla) and Lena (Woolore)



Lena (Woolore) at the Faktura Tepla showroom



Women's clothing



Women's clothing lyoclothes



Ilya Zotov (Red Hills) and barber Santiago Green in the Tweed Hat showroom



Egor Rasskazov (TWERD MFG)



Pottery Fragile things



Hand-painted scarves



Santiago Green and Pavel (1oz)



Leather goods by Red Hills workshop



Communication of the participants of the pop-up market Warm meeting



Santiago Green and Pavel (1oz)





Men's Style Blog Authors: Roman Gerasimov (Yepman ru) and Andrey Pokataev (zconsultant in Instagram)



Bowl Fragile things




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