Tweed Hat, call back to me!

Photographic still life with clay pipes in the style of Dutch paintings of the XVII century


To emphasize the connection between Old Pal / Old Pal ceramic tubes and art and history, we took photographs stylized as Dutch 17th-century still lifes.

With a superficial study, the selection of things in such paintings may seem chaotic, but this is not so: they always had both logic and symbolism.

We tried to make still lifes telling stories about people from different professions, guessing at a set of objects.




Clay pipes, Monmouth cap, lemon, shrimps and other goods.

Monmouth cap: Ye Olde Cappe.
Pipes: Old Pal.
Table knife: LOM.
Leather purse: Finecrafts.
Lemon, shrimps, nuts, tobacco, sea shell: bounty of nature.
Other goods: from private collections.



2. Artisan

Pipes, hat, leather purse and other goods

Pipes: Old Pal.
Hat: YourNumber.me.
Leather purse: Finecrafts.
Glass mug: LOM.
Olives, bread, tobacco, wax: bounty of nature.
Other goods: from private collections.



3. Musician

Clay pipes, glass kitchenware, leather bag and other goods.

Pipes: Old Pal.
Glass kitchenware: LOM.
Leather bag: ZakromA WorkshoP.
Grapes, melon, lemon, pomegranate, queen apple: bounty of nature.
Owner of the snail: Victoria Yurushkina.
Other goods: from private collections.
Photo, composition and postproduction by: Victoria Yurushkina.


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