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The Irish Journey, book by Svetlana Vorontsova and Elen' Panteleeva (in Russian language)

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The Irish Journey is a travel diary, a collection of tasks and riddles, and also a coloring book. There is a little bit of everything in it  ideal both for the first acquaintance with Ireland and for its continuation: the book fights stereotypes and introduces the reader to not the most obvious aspects of the culture of this country.


The main characters of the book Fox and Little Owl travel through the cities of Ireland, one spread  one place, one topic: you can learn the Celtic alphabet in Dublin, cook an Irish stew in Kilkenny, play hurling in Cork and unravel the secret signs of woolen things in the Aran Islands.


There are many recommendations that go beyond the book: where in Moscow to learn Irish dances, where to go to learn about nomads, to whom to write a real paper letter. And the reader will also learn how to get ready for a trip, what to do if lost, and what a family heirloom is.


For readers, artists and travelers from 5 to 125 years old.


50% — work of Svetlana Vorontsova, 50% — work of Elen' Panteleeva.


Designed, written and drawn in Moscow. Printed also in Moscow, in Imprenta.ru printing house


Houseware, Accessories, Made in Russia.

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