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In the Tweed Hat store, there can be found authentic accessories of the highest quality.


Garin bow ties, made in a limited batch specially for our store, of Donegal tweed and Italian cotton.


Wallets of vegetable tanned leather by Drasvi Venn Moscow-based artisanal brand, sewn according to ancient technologies in the wabisabi aesthetics. Also in the Drasvi Venn workshop, a limited edition of traditional buttoned suspenders was made, based on samples from the late 19th and first half of the 20th century in collaboration with the Old Pal brand.


Authentic Hav-a-Hank bandanas from the old American factory The Bandanna Company in North Carolina (USA). 100% cotton, high-quality dyeing and prinrs that does not fade and only becomes more beautiful over time.


Pure lambswool knitted ties from McConnell Woolen Mills in County Clare, Ireland. Perfect size and pleasant texture, perfect for an informal look or workwear aesthetics.


Ties made of authentic Chinese silk with woven hunting-themed patterns (with ducks, deer and pheasants) from the English brand Oxford Blue will perfectly complement the look in the English country style.


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