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Black Bull Leather Belt with Gunslinger Buckle by Bell Rock Leather Co. /Leather and Brass/

Code: 36002

Black bull combination tanned leather belt with patinated brass square buckle from Bell Rock Leather Co. The classic western shape and color are perfect for both jeans and casual trousers.


• Brass patinated buckle with two tongues, custom-cast in a Russian private workshop;

• Belt width 40 mm, leather thickness 3.8 mm;

• Teardrop holes;

• The buckle is attached to the belt with brass rivets;

• Completely handmade.


Bell Rock Leather Co. provides an unlimited warranty for fittings and fasteners.

In order for the belt to serve you for many years, it is important to follow a few simple rules:


• if possible, do not expose the belt to moisture;

• if the belt is wet, it must be removed from the trousers and dried without using heat sources;

• do not allow prolonged exposure to the sun;

• do not leave near sources of high temperature;

• do not use cleaning agents containing alcohol, solvents or other aggressive chemicals;

• do not use rough and abrasive materials for cleaning;

• to clean the leather part of the belt from dirt, use a special glycerin (saddle) soap;

• We recommend giving the belt a rest once or twice a week, rolling it into a ring for 12-20 hours.


How to choose the right belt size?


The strap size is the distance in centimeters from the intersection of the tongue and buckle frame to the middle hole.


To determine your belt size without trying on, use one of the two methods described below.


1. Measure from where the tongue meets the buckle frame to the most used hole on the belt you are currently wearing.

Round the result to the nearest size.



- Your measurement is 91 cm. A belt with a size 90 will suit you.

- Your measurement is 104 cm. A belt with a size 105 is suitable for you.


2. Measure the circumference of your waist where you are wearing the belt.


To do this, put on your jeans/pants with which you plan to wear the belt.

Using a flexible meter, measure your waist through the loops of your jeans/pants (imagine the meter is your belt).


Round off the result to the nearest dimension from the dimensional grid.


- Your measurement is 91 cm. A belt with a size 90 will suit you.

- Your measurement is 104 cm. A belt with a size 105 is suitable for you.


Brass, natural combination tanned leather.


Made in Moscow (Russia).


Accessories, For women, For men, Leather purse, Made in Russia, Black color.

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