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Classic Navy Mens Braces/Suspenders V3 by Old Pal X Drasvi Venn LIMITED EDITION /Vegetable Tanned Leather/

Code: 17048

Vintage-style braces with button fastening, based on designs from the late XIX and first half of XX centuries.


Made in a limited edition as part of the collaboration of the Moscow brands Old Pal and Drasvi Venn.



- quality elastic tape in navy color,

- undyed vegetable tanned horse leather (when wet, it will not stain clothes),
- leather elements in the process of wearing will darken,
- steel fittings from the Czech Republic,

- sewn in Moscow on Izmailovsky Island on the Singer 16K33 sewing machine of the early XX century,

- one size fits all.


Suitable for both classic style and workwear or heritage aesthetics.


Vegetable tanned horsehide leather, rubber, stainless steel.


Sewn in Moscow on the Singer sewing machine of the early XXth century.


Accessories, Trousers, Old Pal, Drasvi Venn, Old Pal brand, Vegetable tanned leather, Leather purse, Made in Russia, Blue color.

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