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Dusty Rose Cotton Bandana with Sikorsky's Ilya Muromets Plane by Old Pal /Pure Cotton/

Code: 17105

Bandana made of light cotton fabric (batiste), created as part of a special project of our brand Old Pal “Transport that takes your breath away”.

The drawing for it was created by the artist Denis "Ostem" Weber from St. Petersburg. The repeating elements of the pattern are based on American bandanas of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the size 60 by 60 cm is also based on early bandanas. Packed in a special envelope made of thin cardboard.

In the center of the composition is the Ilya Muromets plane itself - a huge four-engine biplane, one of the largest aircraft of its time (designed and built in 1913). You can read more about the plane here. Its four propellers are depicted along the inner perimeter of the composition.

You can wear a bandana in any convenient way: on the neck, on the head, on clothes, or for interior decoration.

The bandana is available in 7 colors. The printing is high quality and durable. The edges are neatly hemmed with a turn up. We recommend washing by hand in warm water with liquid detergent for delicate fabrics.

Made in Moscow.


cotton 100%


Made in Russia. Size: 60 x 60 cm.


Accessories, Old Pal, Pure Cotton, Old Pal brand, For kids, For women, For men, Light colors, Made in Russia.

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