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Long Dutch Clay Pipe by Old Pal

Code: 17013

A ceramic pipe Old Pal, manufactured from Dutch archaeological specimens of the late 17th — early 18th century.


The completely authentic technology (casting, modelling, and glossing), as well as the high quality (high firing, porcelain mixture).


Similar pipes had been actively used in Europe from the early 16th to early 20th centuries for smoking tobacco. Today, it can be used both for its historic purpose, for the material qualities and the quality of firing allow this), and as a beautiful souvenir with its own history.


It will become an excellent gift for someone interested in history and loving one’s cultural heritage.


Pipes like this can be seen at portraits and still-lives by Dutch Old Masters, like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Steen, and others, as well as in archaeological displays of many European museums.


The pipe is securely packed into a gift box made of light but sturdy cardboard, specially designed in the style of the 17th century Delftware, the Dutch ancestor of the Gzhel ceramics.


In this package it can be transported without fear to break up (although, it should be handled carefully, of course).


100% Porcelain mixture after hard firing.


Made by hand in Moscow.General length of the pipe: 37-39 cm.


Houseware, Old Pal brand, Made in Russia.

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