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Tweed Hat Gift Certificate for 12000 roubles

Code: 28027

This is the 12 000 rubles gift certificate for the purchase of any items in the tweedhat.ru online shop or in our show room.


The features are:

- the use-by date is not defined;

- it can be used in parts, and the remainder is not lost;

- it may be used both in paper form and electronically.


A paper certificate:

- printed on pleasant textured paper,

- fit for use both online and in the show room,

- can be also packed into a gift box (the price remains the same),

- nice to give as a present (especially in the gift box),

- produced within an hour (in working hours),

- can be picked up in our show room or order a delivery,

- can be paid for both online and on receiving it.


An electronic certificate:

- we e-mail it as a .jpeg image,

- it may be used both online and in the show-room,

- we can send it to both the customer and the benefactor, noting that it is a gift from the customer,

- we do it within an hour after receiving the payment (in working hours),

- you can pay both online and in the show room.


A customer may return the certificate and have his money back within 30 days after the purchase.



The certificate contains a secret code. It should be kept in a secret place, so that the code could not be used by anyone but its owner.


Gift certificates.


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