Tweed Hat, call back to me!

KO­ROB KO­ROB - clothes and sor­cery. Gar­ments are in­spired by the work of hand­i­craft tai­lors and at the same time - by the im­age, cos­tume and her­itage of the most closed caste of tra­di­tional so­ci­ety - sor­cer­ers.


Cloth­ing, which acts as an ex­pres­sion of a mytho­log­i­cal world­view, and at the same time - as a mag­i­cal tool, as a house­hold ar­ti­fact, as a way of con­scious in­ter­ac­tion with re­al­ity. Cloth­ing and sor­cery, cloth­ing as sor­cery.

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