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Green Check Tweed Greatcoat by KOROB KOROB /Pure Wool/

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The coat is based on Russian greatcoats of the 19th century. The overcoat could be used as a cloak and as a blanket (they were covered with the overcoat crosswise, so that one lower front corner of the hem was at the shoulders, and the other covered the feet).

The KOROB KOROB greatcoat inherited from the overcoat the straps on the sleeves, a high stand-up collar, as well as a counter pleat on the back and a long wide hem.

The diamond-weave check tweed wool fabric from which the coat is made, is woven in Russia on a special order from the brand.

- 4 pockets (2 deep exterior, 2 inner),

- cotton lining,

- 6 buffalo horn buttons (5 visible, 1 hidden),

- sorcery.


Produced in a tiny batch exclusively for Tweed Hat store.

KOROB KOROB brand appeared in 2022 as a development and continuation of the story started by the Infundibulum brand.


Garments are inspired by the work of handicraft tailors and at the same time - by the image, costume and heritage of the most closed caste of traditional society - sorcerers.

Clothing, which acts as an expression of a mythological worldview, and at the same time - as a magical tool, as a household artifact, as a way of conscious interaction with reality.

Clothing and sorcery, clothing as sorcery.


100% wool, lining: 100% cotton.


Made in Moscow, Russia.


Jackets and Coats, KOROB KOROB, KOROB KOROB, Plaid, For men, Green color, Made in Russia.

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Russian/EU men's size 48-50 52-54

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