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Black Jack Leather Beer Mug with Single-piece Handle by Drasvi Venn, volume: 1 pint /Vegetable Tanned Leather/

Code: 38007

Drasvi Venn, a Moscow island workshop, has produced a Black Jack replicating classic black 19th-century mugs impregnated with natural beeswax.

The mug is dyed on the outside with a traditional dye: an iron solution that penetrates deep into the skin and does not come out due to wax impregnation.

Each mug is unique and may differ slightly from the one shown in the photo.


Vegetable tanned cowhide, hand sewing, molding, beeswax.


Volume: classic English pint (568 ml).

Strictly for cold drinks.

History reference.

Leather beer mug Black Jack.

Pottery in medieval England was at a comparatively low level, and simple everyday utensils were in short supply. Skilled tanners, who have been famous for the English land since ancient times, came to the aid of the inhabitants. In addition to their usual products, the craft guilds began to produce leather utensils, even forming a separate fraternity of bottlers.

The hallmark of the English "bottlers" was Black Jack - a leather mug for ale. Jack got its name in honor of a soldier's protective jacket, which in the 17th century was often made of leather and was called Jack. The mug received the Black prefix for the black color, which it acquired after impregnation with a resin-based mixture, which stiffened the mug and sealed the seams and joints of parts, reliably protecting it from leakage.

Jacks spread throughout England. In confirmation of this, many mugs of the 16th-18th centuries of the most varied quality have come down to us, from simple ones for gatherings in a tavern to richly decorated with paintings, embossing and precious metals, which clearly belonged to wealthy people.

Leather mugs are often mentioned in English literature as an indispensable attribute of canteens, banquet halls and, of course, taverns. In the latter, judging by the descriptions, Jacks were often used as weapons in tavern fights, while remaining usable for their main purpose.

True to tradition, the British did not stop using Jacks even after the industrial revolution and the advent of mass production of cheap dishes. So, the Greenwich factory produced Jackie until the second half of the 19th century.

The name of the old dice game blackjack also comes from this mug: it was used for throwing dice.


Vegetable tanned leather, beeswax, linen thread.


Handmade in Moscow, on Izmailovskiy Island.


Houseware, Drasvi Venn, Vegetable tanned leather, Leather purse, Made in Russia, Black color.

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