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Grey Tweed Wee Thatch Hat by Hanna Hats /Donegal Tweed/

Code: 10102

This hat will be suitable for those tweed fans who appreciate practicality and comfort in the first place, for it may be folded and put into a bag or a knapsack if necessary, without risking to spoil its look.


It is made of gray Donegal tweed known to all our customers, with colored specks, and its cut is similar to "walking" and "fishing" hats.


A hat like this was worn by Indiana Jones’s father, as performed by inimitable Sean Connery, in Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade movie.


The conveniently situated brim will protect both from rain, wind, and snow and from the sun as well.


It fits both men and women.


100% wool, lining - viscose.


Made in Donegal county, Ireland.


Hats, Donegal Tweed, Hanna Hats brand, For women, For men, Made in Ireland, Grey color, Wool.

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