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A tweed hat is a time-tested beautiful and honest headwear that will always come in handy if necessary, reliably preserving warmth, and protecting from cold wind, snow, and drizzle. The tweed hats from Hanna Hats of Donegal are manufactured at a small factory in the Irish North-West, in Donegal, the capital of the dame county. The production started there as early as the first half of the 20th century, and the business remains essentially on one family’s hands to these days, for the company is managed by John Hanna Jr., the son of the factory founder John Hanna Sr. whose portrait we all can see at every Hanna Hats label.


The range of Irish tweed hats is not narrow. A part of hats has a semi-rigid construction, and another part is completely soft which makes them very practical in contemporary urban setting. A hat like this can easily and conventiently be folded and tucked into a bag, a knapsack or even a pocket.


Among the semi-rigid hats there should be emphasized walking, country, and fishing hats. Every one of them has its individual features yet all of them are very stylish, and they create a completely special atmosphere about them. Walking and country hats may be made both of gray Donegal tweed and of patchwork tweed as well. Here are the examples: a gray walking hat, a patchwork country hat. We also have a country hat of brown waxed cotton with a plaid lining.


Among the soft hats there is an Eske kind, with the top cut like a country model, and there are tweed soft hats, with their tops cut like those of walking hats.Both of them are very beautiful and comfortable, as their cut is ergonomic, and they are made of top-notch materials. The Eske tweed hats may come both brown and gray. And the tweed soft hats come gray, brown and patchywork.


A very special sort of hat is the legendary kind worn by Sherlock Holmes, known as a deerstalker hat. It is the hat for hunting and travelling, and it has come to us directly from Victorian England for this model emerged in the second half of the 19th century. These days, the Sherlock Holmes hat is a signature headwear that has gained global recognition due to many talented screen adaptations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works. As done by Hanna Hats of Donegal the Sherlock Holmes hat of brown Donegal herringbone tweed is superb. It preserves its historic and cultural essence combining it with the firm hold of the present day.


For the summer, we could recommend first-grade straw hats from Ecuador, by K.Dorfzaun brand, operating since 1939. They are hand-woven of fine toquilla palm straw, and will protect your head and shoulders from hot sun, as well as will become an important image-defining element for you. In our store, you can purchase both wide-brimmed models, like: awhite straw Fedore or Diamante straw hat with natural color, and classic narrow-brimmed models, for instance, a straw Trilby of white or natural colors. With accurate use and proper maintenance, the hats will serve you for a good long time.


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