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Grey Furfelt Pork Pie Hat with Stretch Sweatband and without Lining by Tonak /Fur Felt/

Code: 33025

Classic fedora hat, made by the oldest hat producer from Eastern Europe, inheritor of Austro-Hungarian Empire hat traditions, Czech factory Tonak.


Pork pie hats began to appear on the streets in the 1920s and gained immense popularity in America in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, thanks to the jazz musicians who loved this style.


The origin of this hat shape is British and has more to do with cooking than fashion. The wrinkles on the crown echo the contour of a traditional English pork pie, hence the name.


A new wave of interest in this hat came already in the 2010s thanks to the TV series "Breaking Bad" and its protagonist Walter White (Heisenberg), who wore a pork pie.


Hat is made from best type of felt - furfelt. The difference between woolfelt and furfelt is grade of material. Woolfelt is produced from mixed wool fibres and furfelt is made only from rabbit, beaver and goat fur. 


Felt has smooth surface, but in a close view you can see fur pile, which has specific direction.


Fits both for men and women.


100% furfelt


Made in Czech Republic.


Hats, Tonak brand, Made in Czech Republic, Grey color, Wool, Fur Felt Hats.

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