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Natural Toquilla Straw Diamante Wide Brim Panama Hat by K.Dorfzaun, Brisa Weave /Toquilla Straw, Brisa Weave/

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A classic Diamante model straw hat with natural color, hand-woven with the special toquilla palm straw harvested and treated only in Ecuador’s tropical forests. The type of weaving: brisa (plain). The brim length: 7 cm.


At this headwear, the traditional Ecuadorian craft of straw hats weaving (that was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2012) combined with classic European man's style.


It is good for a warm time of the year when it can magnificently protect from the summer sun and allows one’s head breathing. Straw hats harmoniously match light suits, trousers, and shirts, as well as the casual wear like T-shirts and shorts.


The hat has a semi-rigid construction, it should not be crumbled yet the material is flexible and springy at the same time. Inside, a cloth ribbon is sewn with a secret volume regulator that allows to correct the size within 2 cm.


Ecuadorian straw hats are called panamas all over the world. It was due to the fact that they gained wide popularity during the Panama Channel construction in 1904–1914. They were worn by many construction engineers, as well as the President Theodore Roosevelt who visited the enormous construction site. Its photos spread all over the world and promoted straw hats popularity considerably.


It fits both men and women.




1. The hat should not be exceedingly dampened.

A slight short drizzle is not a threat to it, but if considerably wet, it may lose its shape.



2. The hat overdrying should be avoided. This can increase a considerable risk of checks appearing.

Do not leave your hat in direct sunlight for long periods of time, in a locked car or near a heat source. It will lead to its overdrying. If a hat gets too dry, a normal dampness should be returned to it. The simplest ways are:

- to treat the hat with steam from a steamer or similar device,

- or to take it with you to a bath or a shower, and place it where the spray cannot reach it. Damp air with steam will be absorbed by the straw, and it will not be fragile any longer.


With normal usage in a medium humidity climate, like in Moscow in a warm season, we recommend to wet the hat about once a month, and monitor its condition as well. If you notice that the fine upper layers of straw cracks, it is a sure sign that the hat is too dry, and it is high time to wet it.


3. The hat should not be crushed too much in the straw’s bending points. Classic straw hats are shaped like felt ones. However, one should pick a hat up by its tucks in the front of the crown tenderly, with no pressure. Straw’s bend lines are reliably reinforced by special silicon from inside, and yet it is necessary to maintain caution, and put the hat on and take it off holding to the brim and the crown but not pressing them down.




For cleaning, the manufacturer recommends using children’s wipes. They do not only cleanse the palm straw well but also wet it. Little dirty spots can also be removed with a wet cloth.




In colder times of a year keep the hat in the place, that is protected from dust at normal room temperature. Before the wearing season, the hat should be returned to its normal moisture level - read Rules of use, number 2.




It will seem so only at a first glance. All quality natural materials demand special treatment. The rules are very simple: do not wet, do not crumle, do not overdry, and cleat it with kiddie wipes. If you stick to them, you will enjoy the hat for a good many years.


100% toquilla straw.


Handwoven in Ecuador.


Hats, K.Dorfzaun brand, Spring/Summer, For women, For men, Light colors, Straw hats.

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