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Navy Monmouth Cap by Ye Olde Cappe /Hand-knitted Wool/

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Here you have an ancestor to all knitted headwear, the Monmouth cap. It was made from the 16th century model from the Monmouth Museum in Wales.


In the 16-17th century, caps like that were spread all over Europe, and mostly simple sailors and soldiers wore them.


The cap was knitted by hand of pure sheep’s yarn of navy-blue and washed afterwards, thus the wool became denser.


An eyelet on the back of the head can be used for hanging it. In past ages, it probably served for fastening to clothes or a helmet, too.


So far, we have not made any photos of this cap on a model. The way a cap fits a person, you can see on the present photos with the green Monmouth cap.


It fits both men and women.


100% sheep wool.


Knitted by hand in Moscow.The yarn is soft and do not scratch.


Knitwear, Ye Olde Cappe brand, For women, For men, Monmouth caps, Made in Russia, Blue color, Wool.

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