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The brand Ye Olde Cappe was created specifically for the Tweed Hat. This is the way we call knitted items with history going back to past ages.

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How one goes to buy a headgear that could be stylish, beautiful, quality, pure wool, very warm, and durable at the same time?

All those characteristics are hard to find in a single item, for there may be found two of them at once in some items. Where do we find an ideal winter knitted cap?

The Ye Olde Cappe brand was initially created to demonstrate that the design of many historic items is still topical today, and those things are to be found not only in museums but also in wardrobes of modern urban dwellers.

All knitted Ye Olde Cappe headgear are made only by hand of pure sheep wool, and after the knitting they are by all means washed according to a special technology thanks to which those caps become denser, plus they develop a felt effect. Thanks to this, those caps and berets preserve heat better, do not soak for a long time under precipitation, and become wind-resistant.

The main thing proven by Ye Olde Cappe caps is that replicas of the 16th — 18th centuries headwear may look beautiful, stylish, and even fashionable in the early 21st century. This shows us the strength and continuity of times and generations' connection.

The principal types of Ye Olde Cappe headwear what you can buy from us::

  • Monmouth cap, the headgear of sailors and soldiers in the 16th century, the ancestor of all knitted caps of today.
  • Traveller’s cap, a two-sided, two-colored, and two-layered cap of French settlers in Canada in the 18th — 19th century.
  • Tam-o’-shanter, a traditional Scottish men’s beret known since the 16th century.

Despite the fact that in previous ages all headwear replicated by Ye Olde Cappe were exclusively men’s, today they look superbly both on men and women.


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