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The Lee Valley Ireland brand history started in the mid-1980s when Denis Hurley thought of making flannel shirts in an old vintage style, similar to those worn by his own grandfather. After designing the cut and choosing suitable materials, he started manufacturing first batches at home, and travelling the fairs circuit in nearby towns to sell them to both tourists and local farmers.


After seeing the demand for comfortable and beautiful vintage granddad shirts, he launched the production line in 1986 in his native village ofInchigeela, Cork County, after having converted the old abandoned dairy. The main production facility is still there. Localizing the production in his native country is a principle for Denis Hurley who still manages the company.


The Lee Valley brand is named after the river Lee that flows throughout the entire Irish county of Cork.


At present, the small factory manufactures different clothes in the traditional Irish style but their principal produce is still those flannel grandfather’s shirts, as well as classic nightshirts and pajamas. The Lee Valley supplies them all over the world. These are those items we have decided to present in our store.


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