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Brown-Blue Hatteras Herringbone Tweed 8-piece cap #332 by Stetson

Code: 18039

A classic eight-piece cap from the global leader in high-class cap manufacturing, the American Stetson brand.


In the 19th century America, a wide-brimmed Stetson hat was a symbol of success and wealth, for it was expensive, served for a long time, and was instantly recognizable.


Today, this role is played by their caps that are also not cheap, they are sewn neatly from quality materials, and add to impressiveness and charisma of their owners.


Stetson designers managed to create a voluminous eight-piece cap with its proportions ideally distributed throughout the headgear, looking like a harmonious addendum to its wearer’s head.


The cap is made of soft and dense brown-blue herringbone tweed.


This is the cap is worn by Jason Statham’s character in "Hummingbird"'. David Beckham is also a huge fan of Stetson caps.


It fits both men and women.


100% wool. Lining: 100% cotton.


Made in Bulgaria.


Eight-piece caps, Stetson brand, Herringbone, For women, For men, Brown color, Peaky Blinders, Made in Bulgaria, Blue color, Wool.

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