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The brand founder John Batterson Stetson was born in New Jersey, in 1830. His father Stephen Stetson was a hatter, and John had used to work in his father's shop until he went West in search of gold in Colorado mountains. While there, the legend goes, he thought of a beaver felt hat with wide brim that could be resistant to inclement weather and practical in the hard life of gold-diggers. When his expedition drew to a close, he agreed to sell his hat to a cowboy friend of his who appreciated the hat's comfort and convenience. Apart from anything else, one could carry water in it. The future manufacture owner got five gold dollars for it.

The brand's history starts in 1865 when John Stetson moved to Philadelphia and launched a small-scale production of quality hats. They started with models popular at the time but soon enough they decided to make the same headgear John created in Colorado mountains of beaver wool. That was how the still famous hat appeared, Boss of the Plains. Although Stetson headgear was always expensive, their popularity grew. For a cowboy, a real Stetson was a good investment for the hat was comfortable and served well for a long time, and city dwellers considered it a sign of prosperity. By the beginning of the 20th century, the Stetson factory in Philadelphia was the largest hat manufacturer in the world. They put out about two million articles a year.

The company went a long way, through the Great Depression of the 1930s, two world wars, and growth pains, but it managed to preserve the main thing, the spirit of American traditions established by brave gold-diggers of the mid-19th century. The times change, and caps today are more popular than hats but the ones from Stetson are the same, functionally, for they are still comfortable and practical, and they emphasize their owners' statuses.

>Stetson cap silhouettes are as recognizable as their cowboy hats'. The ideally checked proportions, neat seams, and sturdy materials are their features. Many brands try to copy their models but no copy, of course, can approach the original.

Stetson today is the large international company that manufactures high-quality headwear and accessories in many countries of the world. Their best cap models are now manufactured in Czechia and Bulgaria for the entire world. They are the ones we present here.

We can also suggest classic Stetson baseball caps made of cotton and linen. Summer headwear collection by Stetson includes military flat caps: black and green, also gorgeous brown linen Stetson Hatteras.


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