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In our store, you can buy classic vests made of tweed and canvas, manufactured by small brands that use only first-class materials, and are immaculate in their making.


Hatman of Ireland is a small family business operation in Galway on the Irish West Coast. They manufacture classic tweed vests, using only high-grade materials, like dense Irish tweed (1005 sheep wool), satin rayon, sturdy metal fittings, and even their buttons are the traditional “soccers,” with their metal frame covered with interwoven leather straps, like they used to wear 100 years ago.

Old Pal is a Moscow brand created at our store in 2016 to implement our own ideas from the world of clothes and accessories in vintage style. All items are made in Moscow from finest materials available worldwide. As of the beginning of 2023, two vests with a full collar (Hunting and Wayfarer) have been developed, which are made from authentic Scottish Harris Tweed in different colors and premium Portuguese linen flannel.


Magee 1866 is a Donegal company that manufactures both tweeds and classic clothing. Its history is over 150 years long, and in that time it has come a long way, from a small tweed store to a large manufacturer of fabrics and clothing that has its outlets in different Irish cities, and supplies clothing and tweed all over the world. The Magee 1866 merchandise are cut superbly, and sewn impeccably to perfection.


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