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City Sport Caps

The history of the City Sport brand began in 1898, when Victor Declercq, a successful textile merchant from Ardooie in West Flanders, Belgium, decided to create a small caps manufacture. Seven craftsmen from the neighboring city of Diksmuide were invited, and his wife Marie Olivier became the co-founder of the enterprise.

Victor Declercq was a natural-born entrepreneur and respected the gentleman traditions of personal grooming. He was easily recognizable thanks to his luxurious long mustache, which his personal barber took care of daily.

Thanks to decades of honest work, the City Sport brand name has become inextricably linked with the idea that their first-class caps are not just a headwear, but an exclusive and fashionable accessory for demanding gentlemen.

Today, the fourth generation of the Declercq family runs the company. Based on the fruits of the work of his predecessors and contributing to the future, Tom Declercq (current director of the company) continues to be connected with history, family traditions of doing business and creativity. He personally corresponded with Tweed Hat, and each letter showed caring, subtle mind and undisguised love for the work of his family.

Today, City Sport caps can be bought in most of European countries (more than 400 stores work with them), they are represented in the USA and Canada, but the production is still located in Ardooie, a small Belgian town near Bruges. The company takes on the production of caps for other brands, for example, City Sport produces caps for the aristocratic English brand Lock & Co. Hatters and for London-based designer Thomas Farthing.

A few words about the City Sport Caps brand name, which for the modern man may sound a bit off-key. This is due to the fact that at the end of the 19th century, when the brand was created, caps were, first of all, an element of a suburban, sports or hunting suit. And only later, already in the 1910-20s, tweed caps confidently entrenched in the everyday wardrobe of the city dweller.


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