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A stylish and quality cap is one of the most important elements that define a man’s image. A cap should fit perfectly, and literally serve as a continuation of one’s head. There are no small details in this, absolutely everything is important here, including material, cut, size accuracy, neatness of seams, the history and tradition of the manufacturer. To select a right model is not always easy, it is always a highly individual process. The shape and fit of a cap should match the type of face, height and constitution of a person. The color and texture of a fabric must match the eyes and facial features.

In Britain, tweed caps gain wide circulation in the late 19th century, initially as working class headgear but later, in the early 20th century, through country and hunting wear they enter wardrobes of noble and wealthy city dwellers. In over one hundred years, the classic English flat cap changed its silhouette and fit many times, according to fashion trends, yet in essence it remained the same.

In our store, you can choose and buy different capsthat would fit people of different heights, constitutions, hair, and eye colors.

1. Tweed caps with their classic time-tested silhouette we call "vintage-style caps". This is an ideal cap for the fall season, and it will be also good for early spring. With us, you can purchase a large variety of them, both of Scottish Harris Tweed, and of Irish Donegal Tweed. If you also want to purchase a stylish cap for spring and summer, we have this model made of corduroy and Irish linen of different colors. A version of a classic vintage-style cap is the "Sean's cap" , with the similar cut but different in a lengthened and initially curved visor.

2. Narrow caps have a silhouette close to vintage-style caps but with their volume decreased. A version of narrow caps are traveler’s caps, with their snug head-embracing cuts and curved visors.

3. Caps with earflaps are close relatives of vintage-style caps. The main portion of a cap has a completely identical cut but for the earflaps that can be fastened on the back thus warming ears and the backof one’s head, and under one’s chin, warming cheeks and one’s throat. If you are planning to purchase a winter cap, the tweed cap with earflaps would be an ideal choice.

4. Children’s tweed caps are classic men’s caps adapted for young gentlemen. They allow for teaching children good taste from a very early age, as well as for emphasizing the succession of generations. Every children’s cap has a Velcro size regulator on the back, so that a kind could wear the cap for a number of years, and the cap will grow together with the child.

5. Stetson caps are the stylish headwear from one of the best global brands. Models of narrowed cut are presented, that fit as head elegantly, and they strikingly make their wearers stand out in a crowd.


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